Dentures and Partials in Beavercreek, OhioIf you are missing multiple teeth, our knowledgeable dentists may recommend dentures. Dentures are removable dental appliances used to replace multiple missing teeth; whether you are missing all of your teeth or just a few teeth, dentures can be a good option for restoring your smile. Dr. Lan-anh Bui-Saha, our dentist, can offer several types of dentures in Beavercreek, Ohio to meet your personal dental needs.

Complete Dentures
Complete dentures, which are sometimes called full dentures, are a full set of prosthetic teeth. These can be used to replace all of the teeth in the upper jaw, lower jaw or both jaws. Complete standard dentures are made of a pliable material that allows for suction to hold them in place.

Partial Dentures
Partial dentures are used to replace a number of missing teeth rather than a full set of teeth. Your custom partial dentures are anchored on the remaining teeth and gums, making them comfortable and secure.

Cosmetic Dentures
Cosmetic dentures are specially designed and fabricated to look as natural as possible. Cosmetic dentures can be a great option for restoring the natural, beautiful appearance of your smile.

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